Samsung Galaxy Note 7 review


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 review

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Samsung has always been pushing the envelope each time it releases a phone into the market. The Galaxy Note 7 is perhaps the finest phones to hit the shelves. Experts have even predicted that this phone will outsell all other brands thus giving Samsung the number one spit in the mobile market. There is no doubt that this phone is a very good phone and is said to be the best. The phone is priced at about $849.

The phone design

The phone is very stylish a lot like the S7 Edge but this phone is a bit bigger as it has a 5.7 inches  screen. The metal and glass fused design gives the phone a very rich appearance. The screen is unbreakable like most of the other models because it has an Gorilla Glass. The phone is substantially lighter and slimmer than Note 5. The curved sides are what make this phone superior in terms of design.

The display

The phone boats of a large screen just like the Edge 7 and the color is really warm and rich. With a pixel density of 2k and an AMOLED panel this phone is very compatible with the Samsung VR Gear.

  • The Screen measures 5.7 inches with a high resolution
  • The mobile HDR provides the display with an enhanced contrast ratio
  • Users will now experience little or no false touches

GIF Marker and SPen

The dramatic slope has been taken out of this phone simply because the phone uses a stylus. The stylus is very use friendly and people who have never used the Note series before will have no trouble using this one.

  • With the stylus you can edit and create animated GIF’s using Videos
  • Even when the display is not lit the memos off screen can record thoughts

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Performance and Specifications

The specification will vary from country to country. The phones sold in the UK will have an Exynos 8890 as its processor and in the US the phone will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820. However this will not affect the performance in a big way.

  • The phone features the same chipset as of S7 edge and S7
  • The phone also has a 64GB microSD card slot to give you all the space you need

Final verdict

The phone is said to change the way people use mobile technology in their daily lives. The Note 7 will certainly take the market by storm and sell a lot of units. Going over all the aspects of the phone Samsung  never fails to amaze us and this latest offering from the company is well worth the money.

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