Android Vs Iphone which one is better?


Android Vs Iphone which one is better?

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There has been an ongoing debate on whether Android is better than Iphone and the only way to find out is to do a comparison between the two by looking at the pros and cons of both the devices and how the users relate to these factors.

The advantages of the iPhone

Most Android  lovers will also admit that there are certain areas where the iPhone has an edge over Android. Firstly Apple is known to provide the users with frequent updates the iphone application are also very easy to use and have a very clean look to them. The iCloud can create backups of the device without any problems.

The disadvantage of the Iphone

The primary disadvantage of the Iphone is that the storage is limited. With Android phones people can always insert an SD card and increase storage. The backup facilities provided by the iphone is perfect for people who like iCloud or ITunes, but a person who likes Linux will be compelled to use iCloud.

The advantages of Android phones

The Abdroid wins over Iphone by leaps and bounds when the overall layout, applications and variety of devices are taken into consideration. Users will have access to cool tools like Tasker and Airdroid to help the smartphone work exactly like a computer. Airdroid will give the users to manage their files and messages very easily. Tasker in the other hand lets Android users create menus where the phone goes into a slient mode during meetings or even goes into low power mode. The app also permits the user to program the device to initiate certain apps when a specific location is reached.

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The disadvantages of Android phones

The biggest problem is that Android phones have many processes running that consume the mobile data. These processes not only over use the RAM but they also bring down the battery life substantially. There is no doubt that Google is loaded with some of the coolest apps but sometimes they are loaded with malware so you cannot simply rely and download things randomly, that kind of curbs the liberty to use the phone the way you want to.

Taking into consideration all the aspects of both devices Android without a doubt gives the users access to better functionality. Many of you will still patronize Apple but when you see that it restricts Linux users you may think about switching over to an Android phone.

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