Pokemon go new tips and tricks ?


Pokemon go new tips and tricks ?

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There is no denying that Pokemon Go has captivated everyone all over the world. A common observation has revealed that people seem to be engrossed with their phone playing this game rather than doing anything else. So  if you are a pokemon lover here are some tricks that will help you improve in the game.

Gain access to Pokemon Spawns by analyzing moving leaves

It seems that moving leaves have left players frustrated; the good news is that moving leaves are a sign of pokemon spawns hiding. So if you spend a bit of time you may end up spotting a spawn that does not show on your radar.

Make good use of the radar in the game

While you move around the game exploring the environment , your character will have a shiny ring around them at all times. This ring acts as a radar, this will indicate if you are close to any pokemon. You can use this to pull out any Pokemon that has been hiding. If you are able to spot a Pokemon the Sighting Screen, this means that a pokemon is about 1000 feet away from you within the game.

Try Hunting at night

Try not to get robbed or stabbed, in the game it is not always a good idea to hunt in the dead of night. Try to hunt in areas that are well lit, in fact try to hunt in groups or pairs and look in places where they would not hide during the morning.

Try visiting parking lots to catch Pokemons

It is observed that Pokemons love to spawn in areas where there is a huge crowd, so if you do visit parking lots in the game you will be able to catch quite a few of them.

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Using Poke balls and Razz Berries to catch Pokemon

If you have come across a Pokemon that is rare , you should know that the usual Poke balls will not be enough to capture them. In fact once you reach level 6 you will be given the option of using Razz Berries to catch them.

Scoring Bonuses while chucking Poke Balls

If you manage to get hold of a Pokemon the whole purpose is to throw the ball within the ring that surrounds them and make sure the ball hits the Pokemon on the nose or head. There are other kinds of Bonuses that will increase the possibility of containing the Pokemon inside the Poke Ball.


So these are some of the tips that will help you play the game better and score high, follow them well and emerge a champion.

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