All about Pokemon Go

about pokemon go

All about Pokemon Go

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What is Pokémon Go:

Remember the cartoon series Pokémon? Of course, you do. The series has been an eternal part of your childhood memories. Pokemon Go is a recently launched gaming app which will rush all your childhood memories back to your blood and let you unleash them. Launch this July, Pokémon Go has attracted over one million users. The gaming app is available in both android OS and iOS. Somehow the app has brought all the lazy legs to the street.

Story behind Pokémon Go:

Pokémon Go is developed by a Japanese company, Niantic and composed by Junichi Masuda.  Hundreds of stories have come up with the release of brand new Pokémon Go about how the composers came up with this brilliant idea. It is even said that it took the composer 15 years to come up with something which finally put up the lazy legs on streets. To choose Pokemon locations, an augmented version of the game was released in the year. Users were asked to suggest interesting places to place the Pokemon. Surprisingly there were fifteen million submissions out of which 5 million were approved. It took a whole lot of database mapping to decide which Pokemon to place where and when. All together it did took a hard work of over 5 years to make something which got over populated by a fortnight.

How to use Pokemon Go:

Pokémon Go is the exact replica of how the young teenage boy Ash along with his two friends toured around the world to catch Pokemon and fight at gyms. That was a time we all wanted to be a part of his team. Today our dreams are a reality.

Using Pokémon Go is easy. The app is designed with friendly control and extremely real graphics. Here is the process to set Pokémon Go app on your device.

Step 1: You can easily get the app version at your Google play store. Open your play store and download the Pokémon Go app. The best part is, the app is free.

Step 2: Once you are done downloading the app, install it on your device. The first step after you installs the app is to create a player account. You can either link your Google+ account or can create a brand new account. Totally upon your choice!

Step 3: Your player’s account will take you to an interface where you have to choose an avatar. You can select its skin colour, hair colour and make it familiar to you. Once you finish up with your avatar, the app takes you to a display. Switch on your geographical location so that the app tracks you up.

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step 4: The display map will provide you two options:  PokéStops and Pokémon gyms. PokéStops provide the player’s items like eggs, Poké Balls, and potions, which can be equipped with items called lure modules, which helps to attract wild Pokémon. PokeGyms are to be used as battle locations for the Pokemon masters.  The locations are selected as per the augmented selection by the Niantic composer.

Step 5: Find your Pokemon at your door steps, kitchen slabs, inside your study table and even at your roof top.

These are the five easy steps that you have to follow to step up and play Pokémon Go. Go and get your first Pokémon. What are you waiting for!

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