Google allo - how to install and setup ?

setup google allo

How to install and setup google allo ?

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Google Allo is the newest smart messenger from Google that has created quite a stir, the app is available from Google play store. The app is super easy to use and has already gained tremendous amount of popularity with users. The download has already hit millions.

The process to download Allo

Many will tell you that downloading from the APK mirror page is a very safe but the truth is that there may be some virus that will cause havoc on your device.  So make sure you download from an official source like Google play. The process of installation is very easy and is similar to that of Duo. The app takes less than 50 seconds to load all you have to do is provide your number. You can provide a selfie as a profile picture and you can get to the messaging right away.

Setting up the application

Like any other app there are certain terms and conditions that you have to agree upon, after you have agreed you will be taken to a screen that willask you for your mobile number and the app will register it, same as WhatsApp.

Google Allo: Getting Started

As with any app running on Android Marshmallow or later, the set up involves agreeing to a few permissions. Once you’ve agreed, you’ll get to a screen requiring access to your SIM/mobile number, which then activates the system and registers it to your number, similar to WhatsApp. After this you must provide a selfie for a profile picture, this is the last step in the set up process and will be directed to the inbox and you start messaging right away.

The features of Allo

The app comes with a load of impressive features that have made it so popular with users all over the word, in fact most of the other apps are on the brink of extinction ever since Allo has hit the market. Some of the noteworthy features are listed below.

Smart reply option: Get smooth assistance with this feature when you are having a conversation with a friend. The app has tailored made replies that will fit the context of the conversation.

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Exhaustive emoji library: When words fail then express your feelings with an emoji, you will find emojis for every emotion you wish to express.

Incognito mode: This is one feature that all the users love, have any conversation from emotional stuff to the dirty gossips and leave no record. The feature lets you avail a timer facility that will delete any conversation automatically.

Allo is one application that is set to secure a place above all  the others with its easy installation process and fabulous  features.

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